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Our DMN Technology

 Digital Marketplace Network Platform Exploring Industry Disruption: Two-Sided Marketplace Dynamics

 Super-connector digital marketplace networking

  • In this new millennium, the supply chain is no longer the central aggregator of business value. What a company owns matters less than what it can connect.
    • PHP Transport develops and deploys a multi-business multi-collaborative Digital Marketplace Network (DMN) platforms. PHP Transport in the process of designing a smart (AI) platform integrating social media (viral effect) engaging users | buyers, service offerings (value-added products) sellers | marketplace participants, e-commerce (secure payment) contracts | transactions. Providing an online user experience that attracts and retains new generation millennials.
  • The State (And Future) Of Digital Marketplaces
    • PHP Transport offers new generation d-portal development, integrated connected solutions, creative analytics, dashboard business intelligence (BI), social-media-marketing (SMM) strategies, marketplace participant connectivity, e-commerce solutions and collaboration support.
    • Matching a platform’s design to its type is essential to its success. Platforms that don’t get this right tend to get left behind by the competition. Platform type affects everything from the design of the core transaction to how you handle the four functions, making it one of the most fundamental distinctions that any platform business must understand.
  • Control Tower for Digital Marketplace Networks
    • The concept of the “control tower” is increasingly becoming widespread in digital marketplace network Management, and Control Tower technologies are a popular topic right within the digital marketplace network community. The Intelligent Control Tower uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and serves as a system of engagement across trading partners, and orchestrates companies, people and things to work together in real-time to serve the end consumer.

 OUR Digital Marketplace Network  (DMN) Platform TECHNOLOGY

  • PHP Transport offers a digitally integrated marketplace network of like interest communities that enables social media markets with the creation of user-centric multi-collaborative communication on every conceivable mobile device. Extending the current digital eco-sphere technology with dashboard d-portals and device-driven single-point-applications based on the personalization experience of the single user.

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 DMN Platforms are booming

 The platform economy
  • The vision is to deliver our clients a competitive advantage by focusing on paying for outcomes. This can be gained by offering our clients better and greater value. Strategically marketing products or services with lower costs or higher quality interests consumers. DMN have been headed in this direction for a some time. The real potential for real growth has arrived. Technology is part of the reason: mobile, apps, location-awareness, device integration, personalization anytime, anywhere. All these advancements support convenience, choice, and simplicity – and the best marketplaces use them extensively.
  • SimpliGO DMN is PHP Transport's integrated cloud-based modules that provide cloud-based scheduling solutions across enterprise applications. This is made possible through the experience of our industry experts and our next generation cloud-based services that make rapid prototyping and production deployments possible.

  • Design the Ecosystem
    • Develop an actionable architectural strategy
      • The core functionality of the DMN platform. Our technology team will start with the core transaction, which is the engine that drives any DMN platform activity, and focus in on the target users with a combination of strategic marketing research and user testing.
  • Validate | DMN Platform Prototype
    • Go to Market Strategy
      • Our DMN Platform Technology team of innovators include new-generation technology experts, experienced marketplace participants and UI-UX designers who possess the DMN platform knowledge and experience that enables rapid iteration of the core modules and target users. Rapid iteration based on real customer data feedback is essential to identifying the right DMN Platform opportunity for your industry.
  • Build the Business Case
    • Action Plan
      • PHP Transport’s analytical group will perform simulations to explore the downside risk associated with an existing traditional non-platform technology in your industry. Additionally, we will design a value-added agile DMN platform business model that will adapt to deliver upside financial potential over a multi-year horizon.


Multi-business Multi-collaborative digital marketplace network.


Strategic relationships with users and marketplace participants.


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Collaborative Cloud Communication

The process to organize efforts to market your goods and services in the cloud through integrated digital experiences, by which we quantify every single end user. The goal is to use advertising methods to target customers via online applications through social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and various online portals to target consumers and various online e-portals to target consumers.

Digital Marketplace Networks

  • The global marketplace is competitive and you need a company to help you eclipse your competitors. Every company has some sort of go-to-market statement, value-add proposition and unique selling point. Our work gets results and also wins awards.

    We are different!
  • We work with our clients on their marketing, branding, application design development, creative designs, and e-portal design projects. We help launch, manage, and grow brand awareness with vision and creativity.

    Grow network awareness
  • The PHP Transport's leadership team brings 3o+ years of creative expertise in building, deploying digital marketplace networks and implementing to our clients’ brands, focusing on every aspect of a company’s personality and identity.

    Focus on the community