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SimpliGO Campus Discovery Digital Marketplace Network

  • Today, there are powerful cloud technology infrastructure in place, and they will become even stronger with faster network communication speeds. Now is the ideal time to evolve the business side of the equation toward Platform Business Models (PBM), which will enable these industries to prosper in multisided business ecosystems as well. Digital Marketplace Networks (DMN) |read more
  • Using a rich set of location APIs, powered by Google Maps, to build amazing web and mobile applications. Geo mapping gives us the ability to take raw data and turn it into a campus discovery geo map. By visualizing location data in this way, you can immediately understand information that could otherwise take hours to comb through and interpret. |read more
  • The process to help you to determine the vision and roadmap for your own Campus Discovery DMN and then implement tactical solutions that map to that vision. The Campus Discovery DMN Platform Solution builds on components that can enhance your campus discovery planning, develop and potentially speed up your implementation activities, and help you develop an ideation platform for user engagement. |read more
  • Data visualization focuses on showing a graphical representation of information and data. By using visual elements like charts, graphs, and maps, data visualization components provide an accessible way to see and understand trends and patterns in data. In the eco-shpere of Big Data, data visualization components and technologies are essential to analyze massive amounts of information and make data-driven decisions |read more
  • Delivering a platform where the business model creates value by facilitating a digital marketplace network between two or more interdependent groups, the consumers and producers. In order to make the magrketplace happen, the platform harnesses and create large, scalable networks of users and resources that can be accessed on demand. The DMN Platforms create communities and markets with network effects that allow users to interact and transact. |read more
  • Good data visualization theory and skills will transcend specific services and applications. High-fidelity explorations are delivered from our designers to engineers who code these frontend conccepts into existence. When you’re learning this skill, focus on best practices and explore your own personal style when it comes to visualizations and dashboards. This unique partnership creates a virtuous cycle of storytelling and exploration that inspires people to act. |read more
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Igniting both intelligent automation (IA) along with artificial intelligence (AI) for campus discovery!

SimpliGO Campus Digital Marketplace Network focuses on 'all-diversified' new generation of movers and shakers.

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SimpliGO Campus Community Discovery Multi-Business Multi-Collaborative Digital Marketplace Network for effective new-generation explorers reform

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