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Optimizing the Digital Marketplace Community

 Knowing our Digital marketplace network (DMN) participants

  • The essence of any successful digital transformation strategy is personalization, and to the extent, any organization can redefine every system, process, and product to that goal is the extent to which they’ll grow. Digital marketplace networks (DMN) are giving long-established business and startups a platform to accelerate their digital transformation efforts by delivering personalization at scale.
  • Google Cloud Platform makes it easy for our marketing strategist to keep track of our customer’s journey by connecting their online behavior, channel performance, and much more across their web portal and apps in robust reports and dashboards. We can even connect online to offline so as to better understand user behavior across CRM, point of sale, call centers, devices, and the Internet of Things. For even defined  granular offline and online behavior analysis, we can help you import additional customer and product data into Analytics, or export your data to formats to quickly run analysis over huge data sets.


 Connecting our insights with measurable results

  • It’s not always easy to make data insights useful. Without the right integrations, your data can end up siloed and you can find yourself unable to apply your learnings to your marketing initiatives. Google Analytics is built for action. It works with AdWords, AdSense, AdMob, DoubleClick advertiser and publisher products and other Google products. This allows you to create customer acquisition lists using your Analytics data and see them automatically available in DoubleClick Bid Manager and AdWords. You can also view and analyze your Analytics advertising data to understand how customers behave on your sites and apps after they click — making it easy to use your customer insights to drive marketing performance.
  • Our marketing strategist can leverage Google’s intelligence and framework workflow learning capabilities to gain new insights around your data. The gathered data can target users that are likely to convert, customers with high revenue potential, and other relevant and actionable business insights. You also get access to building user experiences so that you can create an approach that allows you to determine the user experience that’s extensible, adaptable, and interchangeable. Allowing you to create audiences based on demographics and interests.

 Making the data work for you

  • Informational Analytics
    • Using Google Analytics helps our marketing strategist know our clients audience, find their best content, and optimize ad inventory. Google's real-time reports show what’s happening in their web portal right now so they can make adjustments fast.
  • Predictive Management
    • Enjoy a platform built for large enterprises. Big data can come with big challenges — slowing down productivity and stalling workflows. But with Google Analytics we can assist our clients to keep things quick, flexible, and programmatic.
  • Interactive Media
    • We will design products and services for digital media combing of electronic text, graphics, moving images, and sound, into a structured digital library that allows people to interact with the content for appropriate purpose. Acting as a strategic marketing advisor for your targeted digital content.
  • Web Portal Development
    • We will develop and deploy a web e-portal that provides a single access point for diverse kinds of online content. It will include access points to categorized content, such as articles, products, vendors, suppliers, individuals, etc. It often includes a membership component where users login and have access to their own profiles.
  • Cloud Marketplace
    • Cloud Marketplace allows customers to access to software applications and services that are built on integrated business components or complement the cloud provider's offerings. A marketplace typically provides customers with native cloud applications and approved apps created by marketplace developers. Applications from marketplace developers not only help the cloud provider fill niche gaps in its portfolio and meet the needs of more customers.

 Marketplace Media Communication


Apply Marketplace Initiatives

Engage processes to organize efforts to market goods and services in the cloud through an integrated digital experiences, by which quantifies every single end user.


Solve the Problems

Inspire industry-leading solution designers to build integrated modules of applications to deliver a whole new level of connected marketplace services.


Change the Dynamics of the Game

Build and deploy a robust D-Portal marketplace networks that enables an collaborative interchange between marketplace participants and users.


Eclipse their Expectations

Reshape a cloud platform by delivering next-generation interface components including technology, social networking, and business intelligence apps.

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Collaborative Cloud Communication

The process to organize efforts to market your goods and services in the cloud through integrated digital experiences, by which we quantify every single end user. The goal is to use advertising methods to target customers via online applications through social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and various online portals to target consumers and various online e-portals to target consumers.

Digital Marketplace Networks

  • The global marketplace is competitive and you need a company to help you eclipse your competitors. Every company has some sort of go-to-market statement, value-add proposition and unique selling point. Our work gets results and also wins awards.

    We are different!
  • We work with our clients on their marketing, branding, application design development, creative designs, and e-portal design projects. We help launch, manage, and grow brand awareness with vision and creativity.

    Grow network awareness
  • The PHP Transport's leadership team brings 3o+ years of creative expertise in building, deploying digital marketplace networks and implementing to our clients’ brands, focusing on every aspect of a company’s personality and identity.

    Focus on the community