Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin’s WindOptimizer™ is an internet-accessible business intelligence tool for measurement, evaluation, management, and optimization of energy generation assets. It can be deployed on multiple computing platforms, including advanced multi-touch displays for control center operations, desktops, and mobile devices.

PHP Transport's Creative UI UX team in collobartions with ONE’s DevNet gave Lockheed Martin the flexibility to deploy their own proprietary applications that run on the underlying Real Time Value Network platform. WindOptimizer™ demonstrates the potential for the Real Time Value Network to reach far beyond the traditional supply chain environment and solve a wide variety of problems.

Creative UI UX Group, PHP Transport | ONE Network Research and Development

Lockheed Martin’s WindOptimizer™ addresses the dilemma that has long been a barrier to the wider adoption of wind as a source of energy; wind, by its nature, is intermittent and variable, and therefore less reliable than conventional sources of electric energy. The Lockheed Martin solution integrates high resolution 3D sensor data from its WindTracer® lidar technology directly to wind fleet operations to provide accurate predictive intelligence to wind fleet operators. The solution leverages the many-to-many, multi-party network capabilities of One Network’s Real Time Value Network platform to create an exciting breakthrough for the wind industry and operators of the electric power transmission system.

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